Sick Rick Santorum’s campaign plans to unveil an 8-part video series called “Obamaville” on its website in the coming days, depicting a dystopian future where everything bad that can happen does following an Obama re-election. Have a look at the preview for yourself.


I am no big fan of Barack Obama, but to show Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad morphing into U.S. President right about the time the narrator says “sworn American enemy,” is simply deplorable.

Considering that Santorum has recently been catching slack for saying that electing Romney would be no better than reelecting Obama, it would seem the “Good Christian” Santorum’s moral compass has led him to the dark side. Whatever lessons Christ may have left behind about peace and love have been tossed to the wayside by the single minded obsession of Santorum who now worships the false idol of the Oval Office.

I never liked the guy, but it is sad to see such a degradation of character. Those looking for truth in Biblical prophesy might need look no further than Santorum, a possible anti-Christ donned in shepherds clothing leading double digit margins of voters in Louisiana and other state electorates who blindly cheer him on.


On a lighter note: I offer a minor re-scripting of the video more appropriately tailored to the grim possibility of a Rick Santorum presidency.

Imagine a small American town two years from now if Rick Santorum is reelected.

Small businesses are closing as unregulated corporations take over. Families are worried about their jobs and their future.

The wait at the bank to get a loan to afford to see a doctor is ever-increasing. Gas Prices are at rock bottom yet the automobile is one of the few places to enjoy clean air. Christianity is the state religion and Israel has been allowed to nuke all of Islam. There’s a Walmart opening in Mecca in 2016.

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