I was sitting on the sofa enjoying my morning cigarette, perusing the Korea Times, and was shocked to to find on the front page of the site that there was another terrorist attack in America! This time in Texas!

I immediately went to Google News and did a search and indeed there was an explosion at a fertilizer factory in Waco, with a rising death toll, but it was not at all related to terrorism, rather an industrial explosion –of incredible force at that.

I went back and read the KT article and even it didn’t say anything about terrorism. Headline fail.

Headline Fail

Update: Even though several in the comments section (as well as the entirety of the world media) have said it is not terrorism, the KT has not changed the headline yet and have actually added a photo next to the headline in the past few hours since I last checked. Maybe they know something others don’t?

Headline Fail 2